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CEO, Drummer, Percussionist, Vocalist, Producer, Composer


Greg is a self taught musician. He started playing boxes, chairs,tables, cups and glasses,with knives, forks and anything he could get his hands on, at an early age! He began playing real drums at 9 yrs old and singing with his brothers. Occasionally, Greg would sing lead. He would sing tunes by the Jackson Five, "Never Can Say Good Bye" and the Osmonds Brothers,"One Bad Apple". The Phillips brothers performed at family gatherings, and in front of dinner guest, at parties for Dads fellow employees.  His father, Dr. George McKenzie Phillips, M.D. ,of Crownsville State Hospital, bought him a full fledged, five piece drum set at 12. It was given to him when he graduated from South Shore Elementary School in Crownsville, Maryland.
Greg began playing with his brother's at basement parties, local bars, and clubs at 14 yrs old. The first band was called, "J.R. and the Royals", named after the oldest brother, George Jr.  The band later became Licyndiana, adding Renee Diggs. After playing several more years at basement parties, high schools, bars and clubs. Licyndiana changed their name to Starpoint, made a demo, and started to look for recording contracts.
At 21yrs of age, Greg signed his first recording contract with Starpoint. Starpoint signed to Chocolate City Records, a subsidiary of Casablanca and Polygram Records. In 1985, Starpoint resigned a record contract with Elektra Asylum Records/Warner Bro. They sold over 600,000 records with the album "Restless". They were presented with a Gold record after a concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City! Greg would do a drum solo at every show with standing ovations right before going into Starpoints' hit song , (on the Restless album), "Object Of My Desire"
Greg's style and approach in playing the drums, gave Starpoint a driving force. He helped to create the arrangements for "Live" shows and some of the writing in albums that were produced. He was a big contribution to the direction of the band.

Greg has worked with many artist and musicians all through the years of his musical career, ranging in different musical styles and genres. He has always loved to perform and will continue performing with many people on his musical quest.




            Starpoint (R&B,Pop) Gold

            Najee - Sax/Flute/Keyboards (Smooth Jazz) Gold & Platinum

            Angela Bofill - Vocals/Percussion(Pop,Latin,Smooth Jazz) Gold & Platinum

            Joe Blacker Band - Blues, Jazz, Rock)

            Ron Holloway - Sax (Jazz)

            John Mooney - Vocals/Guitar (Blues)

            Roy Buchanan - Vocals/Guitar   (Rock)

            Paul Reed Smith - Guitar (Rock) Band of 1,000 Names, PRS Guitars (sold worldwide)

            Carey Ziegler - Bass (Rock) CZ's Expensive Hobby - (Rock) w/Crack The Sky, Edgar Winter,Band of 1,000 Names

             Jack Mc Duff - Organ/Piano (Jazz)

             O'Donol Levy - Guitar   (Blues,Jazz)

             Tony Tillman and the East Coast Brass - Vocals (Pop,Rock,Jazz,Big Band)

             Kevin Levrone - Vocals (Rock) Pro-Body Builder and his band "Full Blown"


             The Greg Phillips Trio  (Rock,Blues,Jazz)

             Efforts Subtle Conference (Original, Jazz Rock Fusion)

             Taxfree (Jazz Rock Fusion)

             Greg Phillips Strings & Things (Jazz Fusion)

             Charlie Sayles and the Blues Disciples   (Blues)

             Van Dyke and Glaser Band  (Folk,Rock)

             Off The Hook (Classic Rock, Country)

              Laughing Colors  (Rock)

             Steph Scaggiari Trio  (Jazz)

             Mama Jama  (Reggae, Soca, Caribbean)

             Duende (Ann & Todd Kreuzburg)  (Flamenco)

             The Carl Filipiak Group (Jazz,Rock,70's Fusion)

             Tommy Lepson Band   (R&B,Blues)

             Michael McHenry Tribe (R&B, Rock, Classic Rock, Blues)

             Meg Murray  (Pop,R&B,)

             Angie Miller  (Pop,R&B,Rock,Folk)

             Rob Levit Trio (Jazz)

              James Mabry  (Blues,R&B,Rock)

              Fran Scuderi  (Folk,Rock)

              Jay Turner  (Jazz,Blues,Rock)

Greg always has led his own bands! Efforts Subtle ConferenceTax Free, The Greg Phillips Trio. Greg composed, arranged and/or managed for these bands. Each band with different genres. From r&b, rock, to latin, jazz, and fusion (70's jazz-rock). He is a Producer and Manager for other groups and artist as well.
Greg began touring with Najee, April 15, 2000. Najee toured in various places all over the world. Greg discontinued touring with Najee in the year 2005, and continued to record with Najee through 2007. Greg also met the pop, jazz singer, Angela Bofill, while touring with Najee in South Africa. He toured with them both during the same time. Make sure to check out his current Performance Schedule .
Greg's latest international recordings are with Najee, on "Embrace" and Najee's latest CD, "My Point Of View", released on Heads Up Records.

When Greg is not on the road touring, doing gigs locally, or in the studio, he spends his time teaching drums and giving musical instruction. Teaching is something he really loves, as well as performing! Music is Greg's passion for life!

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